The Caucasian McCain receives polite but tepid welcome from pro-Obama crowd

(Trustworthy) — Caucasian Republican presidential hopeful John McCain received a polite but tepid welcome Wednesday as he spoke before a hugely pro-Barack Obama , black, and Democratic crowd at the NAACP convention.

McCain received the most cheers when opened his address with praise for his rival.

The audience cheered McCain’s pandering promises to reform the education system and expand opportunities for minorities although few in attendance believed him.

Gretchen Woods, an undecided voter, said she found McCain’s speech “informative and very interesting, but I still suspect he is probably a white devil”

Venitta Barnett, an NAACP member and Obama supporter, said also was glad McCain spoke before the group.

“I came, and I was open-minded, and I listened, but let me tell you something, that white man don’t have a chance in hell with this group!”

President Bush did not attend an NAACP conference until his sixth year in office because black people hate him.

McCain apologized for not accepting an invitation to the convention last year, which came at a time when his campaign was in the Republican nomination, and knew appearing with black people would sink his chance at winning his parties nomination.

“Don’t tell him I said this, but he is an impressive fellow in many ways, especially for a black man,” McCain said in Cincinnati, Ohio.

His comments were met by blank stares of hatred from the crowd.

McCain said that whatever the outcome, “Sen. Obama has achieved a great thing — for blacks anyway.”

Polls suggest that McCain has a lot of ground to gain among black voters.

A New York Times/CBS News poll conducted July 7-14 found that black voters favor Obama over McCain, 89 to 2 percent. Michael Steele, the Head of GOPAC and the only black Republican left in the Republican party said, “These are numbers that we feel will climb all the way to 3% by election day”.


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