Uribe: Betancourt Rescuers used Red Cross, Promises to Return Hostages to FARC

BOGOTA, Colombia (Trustworthy) — Colombian President Alvaro Uribe admitted Wednesday that the symbol of the neutral Red Cross organization was used in a hostage rescue mission that freed 15 people from leftist rebels two weeks ago, and has vowed to appease liberals by rounding up the hostages and have them returned to their terrorist FARC captors .

Uribe made the admission after CNN reported on unpublished photographs and videos that clearly showed a man wearing a Red Cross bib. Wrongly using the Red Cross logo is prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. The man was a member of the Colombian military intelligence team involved in the daring rescue, Uribe said in an address carried on national TV and radio.  Uribe also called for the swift execution of the Colombian military intelligence member.

The president said that as the constitutional head of the armed forces, he takes full political responsibility for what he described as a slip-up. Uribe said he was sorry for the mistake and had talked to Red Cross officials about it.  “I vowed to the Red Cross that we would have the hostages returned to the jungle and their FARC captors within days.”

The families of the captives were enraged with the Colombian President when they discovered he had violated the Geneva Convention during the daring rescue. A family spokesman released a statement saying, “We were shocked to find this was a violation of the precious Geneva Convention, and we expect to turn our loved ones back over to FARC forces within days. We appeal to the almighty UN to please press forward with a resolution condemning President Uribe for these war crimes.”

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