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Dumb Asses at People magazine gets Pitt-Jolie baby pictures for only 14 million.

A person involved in the negotiations for pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins says the rights have fetched $14 million from the stupid son of a bitches at People magazine.

Good thing they got paid for the photos now because when the child turns 18 and is arrested for the third time, and headed to rehab for drug addiction because their parents are so fucked up, their mugshot will appear for free on the web.

It is the second time People magazine has brought shame on themselves by paying for a photo of a kid from Pitt-Jolie that is destined for a life of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The only losers bigger than the management at People, are the ones that are so obsessed with these two idiots that they drive the magazine to pay such a price. Unfortunately, in a Zogby poll released just last month, 87% of the readers/picture lookers of the subscribers to the magazine, could not name the Vice President of the United States, either of their states senators, or locate their home state on the map.

A high level executive at People magazine speaking on condition of anonymity said, “The sheer stupidity of the American People never ceases to amaze us, but damn we LOVE it! Who cares about war, $4 gas, health care, and 10 trillion dollar deficits? Instead the morons are more concerned with these losers and their rehab bound kid. “